OCR Stars is looking to find obstacle course racing's fittest athlete while giving BACK to the community that has made the sport possible. With more than a decade of racing experience behind us, our team has taken all of the defining factors of the sport and spread them out across 4 events in 4 weeks.

Competing athletes have the opportunity to race for cash, sponsor packages and the glory of a world title. OCR Stars will be featuring a cash purse starting at $30k, with the possibility of reaching over $250k.

OCR Stars is also the ONLY virtual event that athletes can use to qualify for the 2021 OCR World Championships. The division you compete in here is the division you can qualify for at OCRWC 2021.

With 2 running and 2 gym events, OCR Stars will focus on endurance and running capacity, while the gym events are specifically designed towards the tests of strength experienced in an obstacle race.

You don't need heavy weight to be a heavyweight badass.


First event will be released for competition November 2nd at 5pm PST, scores must be submitted by the 7th at noon PST. 

Second event will be released for competition November 9th at 5pm PST, scores must be submitted by the 13th at 5pm PST.

Third event will be released for competition November 16th at 5pm PST, scores must be submitted by the 20th at 5pm PST.

Fourth event will be released for competition November 23rd at 5pm PST, scores must be submitted by the 27th at 5pm PST.

Champions announced November 30th.



Male & Female

Teams of 3

Male & Female

Age Divisions

Male 18-29, 30-39,

40-49, 50-59, 60+

Female 18-29, 30-39,

40-49, 50-59, 60+


You must take great care to follow these instructions on how to record your attempts so that they may be verified by our judges.

1. You must download the Strava app on your mobile phone, create a profile and use it to track your activity through both of the running events. Strava is free, a premium account is NOT required. 

Once downloaded and your profile is created, go to the option Explore, then Clubs, then search for OCR Stars. Join the club!

RECORD YOUR ATTEMPT (not video) within the Strava app OR with a device (such as a fitness watch) that can sync the recorded activity to Strava. Once your workout is completed, you must submit your Activity to Competition Corner before the deadline (5pm PST that Friday) each week.


2. For both gym events, you must record your ENTIRE attempt on video, as well as showing correct markings, measurements and weight elements, then submit to Competition Corner before the deadline each week.

A very helpfull app to make step 2 easy is the free WODProof app.

Each event will have full details on the qualifying standards and a video demonstrating the requirements for submission and a succesfull attempt. 

Event qualifying standards

Equipment List

1. Device that has access to Strava and video recording.

2. Two 50lb dumbells OR kettllebells for male divisions, two 35lb dumbells or kettllebells for female divisions.

3. Box with these exact measurements: Length 30", Width 20", Height 24". We recommend the universally used Rogue Games Box.

4. Pullup bar. Must be at a height where at FULL hanging extension your feet do not touch the ground.

You will be required to verify these weights and measurement specifications in your submission video.

We will be partnering with host gyms around the world to make it easy for people lacking the equipment to have access (for free) for the events! If you own a gym that would like to be a host, email bgifford@ocrstars.com with the following inormation:

  • Gym location

  • Gym name

  • Website (if applicable)

  • Contact name

  • Number

  • Email

  • Confirming that you can provide the required equipment list

  • Confirming that you will have time slots available for registrants to come and use your facilities/equipment each event during the allowed competition time-frame.


We will be using "golf scoring," where the lowest score wins. For example, if the fastest time on event one is 20 minutes, that competitor will recieve a score of 1. Second place gets a score of 2, and so on.

At the end of all 4 events, each competitor will have their scores from each event added up. That total is their final score. The lowest score wins.

Team division scoring is the same. All 3 team members will have their event scores added together. For example, if a single team has the top 3 fastest times in event 1, their scores are 1, 2 & 3. That equals 6. Lowest total team score wins.

Each event will have winners as well as overall winners at the end of the 4 events.


Each event will have a specific tie-breaker that is shared with the release of each event.

If tied overall, the competitor/team with the highest number of "exceptional" event scores is the winner.

For example:

Two competitors have an overall score of 8

Competitor #1: event scores are 1, 3, 2 & 2.

Competitor #2: event scores are 2, 2, 2 & 2.

Competitor #1 would win the tie breaker as they had more "exceptional" (the score of 1) event scores.

This incentivises competitors to give max effort for "exceptional" scores in the events, rather than trying to have consistent "good" scores.