OCR Stars was born from the fallout of sport during the 2020 season. Competitions worldwide have been put on hold due to the Covid circumstances; this has left millions of participants and tens of thousands of athletes with empty race schedules. As a professional athlete, I have built the last nine years of my life around the schedule of my events. This was taken away late February and continues to show that there is no certainty it will come back any time soon. This has created an opportunity that can change the industry and save the 2020 season that is all but lost. With the resources that I have amassed over my career, my team and I are launching a virtual event with four workouts over four weeks to find the fittest OCR athletes in the world. Athletes globally will be tested by all the characteristics that define an OCR champion. By the end of the four weeks, we will crown workout winners and eventually an overall winner.

The true purpose behind this event is to push funding back toward the athletes while also supporting the age group participants with sponsorship packages and event passes to top events for the 2021 season. Our goal is 10k-20k participants at $30 a person. This will allow us to put up to $250k cash back into the community and athletes. This event will be the first of its kind, and with the right team this will be one of the biggest global internet events in the history of endurance sports.

-Hunter McIntyre CEO|FOUNDER

meet the team

Hunter McIntyre


Douglas McIntyre

Chairman of the Board

John Burkle

Chief Operating Officer

Augie Lasseter

Athlete Manager

Hunter Terpenny




Community Outreach

Nick OSullivan

Media Producer

Katie Knight

Brand Identity Developer